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SweatAtoms is a research project that explores material representations of the physical activity to enrich the experience of being physically active. By designing such material representations, our aim is to understand what these artifacts might offer in terms of reflecting upon physical activity. For example, what types of affect do material artifacts, representing ones’ physical activity create for the user? In order to advance this understanding, we have designed a system called SweatAtoms that transforms the physical activity data based on heart rate into 3D printed material artifacts and provides 5 different material representations of their physical activity. By incorporating the digital fabrication process of 3D printing for constructing material artifacts our research advocates “physical – digital – physical” mode of interaction, where physical energy is first invested in order to create digital data (sensed heart rate), which is then converted back into material form, re-entering the physical world. We hope that our work will inspire designers to consider new possibilities afforded by digital fabrication to support user’s experience with physical activity by utilizing interactive technologies at our disposal.

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  1. CHI 2014 (full paper): Understanding physical activity through 3D printed material artifacts
  2. IE 2013 (full paper): SweatAtoms: materializing physical activity
  3. CHI 2013 Student Research Competition Finalist: Sweat-atoms: turning physical exercise into physical objects

Media articles

Other achievements:

  • Exhibition at Design & Play 2016.
  • Public exhibition at CHI 2013.
  • Finalist for Student Research Contest, CHI 2013.