Summer School on Experimental Play

SIGCHI Sponsored summer school
Centre for Game Design Research, RMIT University, Australia

Dates: Nov 1-4, 2018

Dr. Rohit Ashok Khot

RMIT University, Austalia


Playful Human Food Interaction

Although the field of HFI is still in its infancy, we see increased focus and explorations on using technology to support various food-related practices. However, most of the existing approaches undertake a very narrow view that focuses predominantly on the corrective use of technology to foster a specific behavior, and they miss out on richer perspectives that a multisensorial and inherently pleasurable media like food encompasses. Through my work and expertise in playful design, in this talk, I will advocate a celebratory/playful view on looking at food-based technology design.

Short bio:

Dr. Rohit Ashok Khot is the Deputy Director of the Exertion Games Lab; and Vice-Chancellor's Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the School of Design at RMIT University, Australia. Rohit’s research embodies interdisciplinary strength and explores the amalgamation of design and technology in a creative way. Rohit designs, develops and studies technologies that aims to integrate into everyday practice and offer a pleasurable and fulfilling experience. Rohit is currently passionate about playful Human-Food Interaction (HFI) and has an ambitious goal to alter the common perception that food cannot be healthy and pleasurable at the same time.

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Slides of the talk coming soon.

Video recording of the talk.