Summer School on Experimental Play

SIGCHI Sponsored summer school
Centre for Game Design Research, RMIT University, Australia

Dates: Nov 1-4, 2018

Prasad Sandbhor

Possibilities Workshop


Exploring Possibilities

Exploring Possibilities is about feeling, knowing, and living our inner strength, wisdom, enthusiasm and friendship. Through self discovery, visualization, meditation, self- empowerment, interactions and play. To turn life's problems, failures, fears and tears into challenges of growth. To live a life of all round success. Together we play, share, explore, inspire and motivate.

Short bio:

Exploring Possibilities is a brainchild of Aspi and Yasmin Shroff. Aspi started as an engineer and businessman. Yasmin used to teach at a primary school. However, as they studied and realized the beauty of the Indian Philosophy and Vedanta, they decided to take up an adventure of sharing what they had learnt. They have been designing and sharing interactive games and activities as 'Exploring Possibilities' since almost 25 years with individuals from across the globe.

Prasad Sandbhor is an independent play experience designer. He also works as a UX-UI consultant and is a freelance writer. Since 2014, he has been working with Aspi and Yasmin in designing a life simulation game called "Our World of Possibilities" based on the learnings from Vedanta.

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