Summer School on Experimental Play

SIGCHI Sponsored summer school
Centre for Game Design Research, RMIT University, Australia

Dates: Nov 1-4, 2018

Prof. Perttu Hamalainen

Aalto University, Finland


On Empowerment, Curiosity & AI

I will give an overview of my research into human movement, including movement-based game design, movement AI for physically based simulated characters, and how these two research streams are merging, for example, in the form of simulation-based cognitive sports training. A recurring theme of my research is intrinsic motivation, e.g., in the form of empowerment – giving people superpowers in moving and playing – and curiosity. Regarding the latter, I emphasize the importance of diversity and complexity in movement, and pushing exergames and augmented sports beyond the dominant paradigm of standing in VR or in front of a display. The talk will conclude with some non-standing analog movement games.

Short bio:

Perttu Hämäläinen, D.Sc.(Tech), M.A., is a tenure track assistant professor of computer games at Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland. His mission is to improve health through exergames and digitally augmented sports that promote physical activity. His research interests include exergame design and gameplay innovation through technologies such as AI, procedural animation, and computer vision. Hämäläinen’s primary publication venues are ACM SIGGRAPH, ACM CHI, and CHI PLAY. Perhaps the most successful project from his research group is Augmented Climbing Wall, which resulted in a CHI 2016 paper with honorary mention, viral video success with over 100M views and now also a startup that has sold the system to 35+ countries.

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