Summer School on Experimental Play

SIGCHI Sponsored summer school
Centre for Game Design Research, RMIT University, Australia

Dates: Nov 1-4, 2018

Dr. Elisa Mekler

University of Basel, Switzerland


Beyond Fun: Characterizing Eudaimonic Player Experiences

While HCI increasingly seeks to understand and afford meaningful user experiences, much of player-computer interaction research focuses on studying what makes for fun gaming experiences. In this talk I outline the notion of eudaimonia as a complementary approach to studying the player experience, and provide examples from our ongoing work on emotionally challenging and reflective gaming experiences.

Short bio:

Elisa Mekler is a Post-Doc at the Center for Cognitive Psychology and Methodology and Research Director of the HCI lab at the University of Basel, Switzerland. Drawing from psychological theories and methods, her research explores how interactive systems afford emotionally resonant, motivating and meaningful experiences, as well as the challenges inherent to defining and studying these concepts. Her publications have received Best Paper and Honorable Mention awards at CHI and CHI PLAY.

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