Summer School on Playful Interaction

SIGCHI Sponsored summer school
Centre for Game Design Research, RMIT University, Australia

Dates: Nov 10-14, 2017

Mr. Chris Mackenzie

Opaque Media, Australia


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Short bio:

Chris (Kit) Mackenzie leads Opaque Media Group's research and development efforts and has been working at the forefront of developing AR/VR and emerging technology platforms and tools. His work can be found powering laboratories and innovation labs around the world such as at SONY, Stanford University and Leo Burnett, and the Opaque R&D team has provided experimental technology development services to clients including Microsoft, Google and NASA's Hybrid Reality Laboratory. Kit previously worked with the Exertion Games Lab and GEELab at RMIT to build new types of experimental interfaces and experiences.

(On Opaque Media:) Opaque is a leader in the emerging technology space, having helped develop VR and early stage technology concepts into working, multi-million dollar revenue streams for their partners and helping to make top-tier Mixed Reality hardware accessible to millions of developers and designers around the world. Opaque have previously constructed business solutions involving cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, Comptuer Vision, Immersive Training, 3D design tools and more. They maintain a unique, research-heavy methodology which has been tested and proven both academically and commercially."

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