Summer School on Experimental Play

SIGCHI Sponsored summer school
Centre for Game Design Research, RMIT University, Australia

Dates: Nov 1-4, 2018

Prof. Angelina Russo

RMIT University, Australia


Materialising Melbourne & Making "Mario" matter

Workshop #1: Materialising Melbourne
In this workshop you will be introduced to 2 methods for playfully materialising your wellbeing data in the form of textile production. Using only your strava (or similar dataset) you will produce either (a) a knitwear punchcard that can be used to create a machine-knitted personal fabric (b) a digital embroidery stitch file that can be used to personalise an Exertion Games Lab microfibre towlette (perfect for your next playful adventure). You will need: a personal dataset either in the form of (x&y) corordinates or gps visualisation (ie: running maps) a laptop (if you have one) The objective of the workshop is to discover ways in which to conceptualise and visualise data that is meaningful to you in ways that are commensurate with your Melbourne experience.
Workshop #2: Making "Mario" matter
Using only a Nintendo Gameboy, a cursory knowledge of the Japanese language and a digital embroidery machine, you will produce your own Mario Brothers emblem which you can then attach to a special Exertion Games Lab sweatband or a yoga loop, depending on your favourite exertion. The objective of the workshop is to add your knowledge (whether it be Japanese language, Gameboy or digital embroidery) to the dataset that makes up the Making Mario Matter experience. Together we can create meaningful momentos by sharing our favourite characters.

Short bio:

Professor Angelina Russo, PhD is a Design Entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in design research and practice. Her current research focuses on the significance of critical making to wellbeing, particularly as it relates to cultural organisations. Angelina is highly regarded for her research and practice in social media practices and has won national awards for her creative practice in knitwear.

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