FoodCHI 2017

Nov 17 - 18, 2017, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

Dr. Tammy Wong Hulbert

RMIT University, Australia


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Food and art as a platform for community engagement

Flavours of Glenroy (2013-6) was a socially engaged public art project working with the Glenroy community in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. Through a series of re-imagined mobile edible gardens, the project provided a platform for community connection, expressions of diverse cultural outlook and dialogue around sustainable local practices. The project evolved from earlier research on alternatively re-imagining urban spaces as curated and having the potential to be read, interpreted and engaged with. My research proposes that the methodology of the curated city model potentially allows the community to create meaningful connections with place through artistic engagement and is driven by creating access to culture as a right to the city (Lefebvre, 1968). This project focused on the middle ring suburb of Glenroy, as the suburbs are not traditionally associated with arts and cultural activity. Through community consultation, a public art project was designed, developed and implemented using locally sourced materials, resources and community involvement. The local population being extremely diverse, led researchers to consider universal themes related to the growing of food through edible plants and how this could inform the core concepts of the project. The project was enacted as a public event bringing locals in the area together over dialogue of edible plants, food and their own personal connection to the ideas presented. The Flavours of Glenroy project made use of edible plants and food as the core of the project, becoming a vehicle for identifying local personal and cultural practices in food.

Short bio:

Dr Tammy Wong Hulbert is an artist, curator and academic. Her current research engages both her curatorial and artistic interests and focuses on investigating how curating and socially engaged art practices can encourage an inclusive city. Tammy is currently a lecturer in the Master of Art (Arts Management) program in the School of Art, specialising in curating contemporary art and has lectured in Melbourne and Hong Kong.

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