FoodCHI 2017

Nov 17 - 18, 2017, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

Ms. Markéta Dolejšová

University of Singapore, Singapore


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Edible Speculations in the Parlour of Food Futures

Along with the growing interest of technology ventures and startups in the food system 'disruption', our mundane food practices have become increasingly data-driven. Mobile food sharing applications, diet tracking devices, 'smart' kitchenware, and similar digital food services have impacted the ways we grow, cook and eat food. The confluence of digital and food cultures offers a promise of sustainable, fun and healthy food lifestyles, but also risks of data surveillance and technological solutionism. The Parlour of Food Futures is a speculative design enactment exploring these digital food controversies through the ancient game of tarot. Participants are invited to read possible futures of data-driven food systems over a bespoke FoodTarot card deck and speculate about circumstances: What would be the Datavore's dilemma? Would Turing Foodies trust each other? Would a Monsta(n)tanist date a Gut Gardener? The talk will introduce findings from three Parlour enactments and discuss the different contributions that speculative design approaches can make to HCI discourse.

Short bio:

Markéta is an interaction designer and researcher interested in the technological and sociopolitical context of emerging data-driven food practices. In her work, she uses critical and speculative design methods to experiment with food and technology in the participatory setting of live events and workshops (

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Video recording of the talk