FoodCHI 2017

Nov 17 - 18, 2017, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

Mr. Marcus Cher

RMIT University, Australia


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Studio Food Terroir & Cucina Futurista

It has been an absolute privilege to run three food design studios at RMIT since 2015. Dr Scott Mayson and I co-ran Studio Food Terroir 1 & 2, where we had 40 students design food and plates that told a narrative of time and place. We had great success getting chef Ryan Flaherty (El Bulli, Arzak & Fat Duck) involved and having students work, observe and eat at his former restaurant Mr Jennings. The studio produced a variety of serving ware and cutlery in a variety of different materials from Corian, copper, carbon fibre and even concrete. All featured unique ergonomic forms with suitable affordances. Then students created theatrical food that matched up with the plating engaging all the main senses: gustatory, tactility, olfactory, sonic and visual. Studio Cucina Futurista, we are currently working with Chef Shaun Quade owner of restaurant Lûmé and and marketing director Veronica Fil of Mr Harry's Marketing Department. Students are creating the virtual prototype for the third iteration of the Great Australian Road Trip. This is an event that Lûmé holds every year bringing the landscape where food is grown to the dining table. Our students have crafted augment reality environments powered by Unreal Engine to be projection mapped around the room following a script from Mr Harry's. This is a high level proof of concept that is designed to be extended into an interactive design experience with the food and the table. We will demonstrate the latest version of the projection mapping experience at FoodCHI.

Short bio:

Mr. Marcus Cher is curious cook, a passionate designer and creative technical strategist. He graduated industrial design in 2016 and went on to briefly study mechanical engineering where he stopped short of finishing the degree. He was headhunted for a design job in mining industry and as fate would have it, located next door to one of Australia's best commercial butchers. He befriended the owner and started dry ageing whole slabs of beef, testing parts of the cow empirically to make the perfect steak. This lead me to be on Masterchef Australia where during the audition process got to work experience at some of Melbourne's best restaurants and networked with chefs, food scientist and farmers alike. Marcus have now worked as a chef, a ceramics engineering assistant, a food events consultant, food taste tester and now currently as a food design lecturer.

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