FoodCHI 2017

Nov 17 - 18, 2017, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

Dr. Jaz Hee-Jeong Choi

Queensland University of Technology, Australia


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Symposium Co-chair

Short bio:

Dr Jaz Hee-Jeong Choi is the Director of the Urban Informatics Research Lab; Program Leader of Social Entrepreneurship & Design Incubation in the QUT Design lab, and; a Senior Lecturer in the School of Design, Creative Industries Faculty at Queensland University of Technology, Australia. She is also the founder and acting chair of ACM SIGCHI FoodCHI, a global food and computer-human interaction research network, and the founder of CASE for Women (CreAtive Social Entrepreneurship for Women). She is an advocate for transdisciplinary research, carefully balancing creativity and criticality. In her doctoral research, she developed a new conceptual approach to urban sustainability that recognises ‘play’ as the core of transformative interactions in cities as complex techno-social networks. She builds on this concept to explore how various forms of digital and playful experiences are designed, developed, and integrated in different cultural contexts, and creates such experiences for liveable and equitable urban futures. Her current research explores designing novel technologies and services for care across three inter-related themes: social entrepreneurship; self-care and mutual aid; and co-creative urban transformation. She has collaborated with leading international researchers, published in books and journals across various disciplines, and given invited talks at major international conferences including the inaugural Global Social Economy Forum in 2013 and the opening keynote at the 2010 UNESCO Creative Cities Conference.

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