Design cards, material representations

EdiPulse 4 models


Self-monitoring technologies (such as heart rate monitors and activity trackers) that sense and collect physical activity data are becoming increasingly common and readily available. These devices typically represent the captured data using numbers and graphs that primarily appear on digital screens. More recently, representing data in a physical form such as 3D printed physical artifacts is gaining currency within HCI, owing to the engagement opportunities that come with physical representations. However, there exists a limited understanding of how to design such physical representations of personal data. To contribute to this understanding, we present a design framework in the form of Shelfie. Shelfie stands for on-shelf (material) representations of the self. The aim of Shelfie is to help designers in designing material representations of the physical activity data. Shelfie consists of a deck of 16 cards divided equally among four categories: Mapping, Outcome, Material, and Process. Each card represents a key design aspect that designers should consider while designing material representations. We envisage that our work would encourage and guide designers to support physical activity experiences.

Check out the video for more details:

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Here is the video of the gameplay from CHI 2017:

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