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Congratulations Peter!

Peter Wins the Student Game Competition at CHI 2017.
Winning pitch

Invited talk @ Hunter Innovation festival 2017

I am giving a talk at Hunter Innovation festival on food printing.
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Invited talk@3D food printing conference

I gave a talk on 3D printed chocolate at 3D food printing conference, happening on 2nd May!
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Data and New materialities

Data is often looked at as something, which is abstract and difficult to understand. By following Research through Design approach and using emerging technologies like 3D and food printing, we illustrate new playful ways of making sense of data and finding delight in insights.

Rohit Ashok Khot
Principal Investigator

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Food, Play, Inspire

Workshop @ Interact 2017

Play, Games, Fun

Summer School 2017

Food, Play, Design, Inspire

FoodCHI Symposium 2017

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