Chocolate, Exercise, Food Printing

EdiPulse 4 models


A common perception about exercise and chocolate is that they do not complement one another. A healthy body should perform regular exercise and should not indulge in sweet temptations like chocolate. I break this perception by presenting a playful system called EdiPulse. EdiPulse translates self-monitored data from a physical activity into small 3D printed chocolate treats that come in moderate amount and offer playful reflections on one’s active life. These treats (with less than 20 grams of chocolate in total) embody four forms: Graph, Flower, Slogan and Emoji. Through EdiPulse, I illustrate how an artistic and culinary rendering of the data in an appealing material like chocolate inspire individuals towards achieving their fitness related goals.

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This work also featured on ABC News 24:


  1. CHI 2017 (full paper): EdiPulse: Investigating a Playful Approach to Self-monitoring through 3D Printed Chocolate Treats
  2. CHI WiP 2015: EdiPulse: Supporting Physical Activity with Chocolate Printed Messages

Media articles

Here is my talk on EdiPulse from CHI 2017:

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