Robotic arms, food games, social dining

EdiPulse 4 models


"Arm-A-Dine!" is our design exploration of a playful social dining system that focuses on a shared feeding experience. Rather than considering technology as a distraction during eating, we believe it can play a positive role if we design it right. As a step towards this, we illustrated how interactive technology can facilitate a playful social eating experience. In this experience, all three arms (the person’s own two arms and the “third” robotic arm) are used for feeding oneself and the other person. The robotic arm (third arm) is attached to the body via a vest. We playfully subverted the functioning of the robotic arm so that it’s final movements (it continuously picks up food automatically), i.e. whether to feed the wearer or the partner, are guided by the facial expressions of the dining partner. We invite more explorations on such playful eating experiences in order to enrich our understanding of computer mediated human-food interactions.

Check out the video for more details:

Here is the video of the talk at CHI PLAY 2018: